Wisconsin Science Festival Flavor Contest

The Wisconsin Science Festival, held in the Town Center of the Discovery Building on October 22-25, 2015, is hosting a contest in search of a new Babcock ice cream flavor! Participants should submit their ice cream creation ideas by July 1st, and the winning flavor will be produced right here at Babcock Hall Dairy Plant. Fill out your suggestion form HERE, and get ready for some fun-filled, delicious competition!

Graduating Seniors

Today’s the last day of classes and we will soon be saying good bye (for now) to our amazing seniors. To see who’s behind the scenes helping Babcock plant staff create delicious ice cream and cheeses, click here!

And to all of UW-Madison’s graduating class, good luck! Make sure you stop by Babcock before you leave!

FFA Career Development Event returns to UW-M

This Friday, April 24th, is the FFA Career Development Event, a contest where FFA members can demonstrate their knowledge and skills gained from 1) classroom instruction, 2) their SAE and 3) FFA activities.

The CDE is for Agriculture students in high school passionate about learning and judging industry standards. The contests cover a wide array of areas from: meat, poultry, dairy, livestock, equine and other dairy foods.

The event is held at the University of Wisconsin Madison at various locations around Agricultural and Food sciences buildings. To find out where the events are held, click here!


2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest

Gary Grossen, the Master Cheese maker at Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, received 3rd place for his Gouda entry at the 2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest! Babcock Hall’s winning Gouda earned a score of 98.60 in the Aged Gouda category. Grossen also received 4th place in the Brick competition with a score of 99.65.

Click here to see Gary’s scores and learn about WI’s cheese making representation!