The dairy plant offers a variety of paid internships to students interested in a dairy-plant production career and who can, therefore, benefit from the hands-on educational experience in helping to run the Babcock Dairy Plant. These internships include the following

Production Intern

    • We hire approximately 15­–25 production interns every year, providing them with the opportunity to learn the many details in creating a wide variety of products. This includes raw receiving, standardizing, pasteurization, homogenization, and packaging. In addition, these students learn sanitation, good manufacturing practices as part of our food-safety defense plan.
    • While there is too much to learn in their short period of time, we encourage these students to ask detailed questions regarding any particular process in the plant to ensure that they are able to learn what they want to learn
    • Contact Ray Van Cleve ( if interested

Quality Control Intern

    • The QC lab is set up so that our food science interns perform a majority of the
      Hannah Reigstad Quality Control Intern

      Hannah Reigstad
      Quality Control Intern

      samplings and tests needed by the dairy plant under the supervision of our Quality Control Manager, Casey White

    • Responsibilities include microplating (total plate count, coliform indicators, psychotropic bacteria, thermodurics), ATP swabbing, environmental swabbing, Babcock milk fat tests, solid-moisture analysis, salt analysis, sensory on milk, ice cream, and cheese (taste, texture, smell, appearance)
    • Contact Casey White ( if interested

Research Intern

    • The research interns are set up with a variety of different projects including product developments, product improvements, and line extensions
    • Some of the projects are complex in scope so that duties are passed on from one student to the next
    • Examples under the new product line include high protein chocolate drink, cold coffee milk, iced tea, lactose free ice cream, Greek frozen yogurt, and gelato mix
    • Examples of product improvements include testing new cocoa powders, new ice cream flavors, and researching new processing techniques to increase shelf life of bottled milk
    • Contact Bill Klein ( if interested

Marketing Intern

    • The marketing intern’s main goal is to create new ways to build Babcock’s
      Marketing Intern Katie Chubb "I honestly couldn't ask for a better internship experience to end my last year of college."

      Marketing Intern Katie Chubb
      “I honestly couldn’t ask for a better internship experience to end my last year of college.”

      brand awareness with new freshmen students

    • Some past projects include organizing various promotional events around campus, creating posters and digital displays, and engaging students in social media contests, annual report writing, and webpage development
    • Contact Bill Klein ( if interested
Lisa Green Marketing Intern

Lisa Green
Marketing Intern “My experience with Babcock has been made amazing by the great people I have worked with and the high level of involvement and creativity I was able to use.”

Accounting Intern

    • The accounting intern will work with our financial specialist on tasks such as reconciling statements, pricing, costing, and other duties
    • Contact Sarah Ferenc ( if interested