Milk Bottling

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We package approximately 1 million bottles of milk into half pints, pints, quarts, half gallons, and 2.5 gallon bags annually!

Where does our milk come from? The university has its own dairy farm on campus, which produces 3000 pounds of milk daily. That milk, along with milk from area farms, is transported to the dairy plant daily. That milk will undergo a series of tests before we pump it into the plant. We process about 2 million pounds of milk annually.

  • Separate the raw milk into skim (heavy) and cream (light) through centrifugal force.
  • Standardize the skim with cream to produce the targeted milk fat level.
  • Add vitamin A and/or D as needed.
  • Homogenize milk to break up the fat globules.
  • Pasteurize using HTST at 177° F for a minimum of 15 seconds and cool to less than 40° F.
  • Pump product to milk filling machine.
  • Load plastic milk bottles into descrambler machine. The descrambler machine will automatically place bottles upright onto the conveyer where we will add the code date and code number to the outside of the bottles.
  • The bottles are then conveyed to a label applicator and then conveyed to the milk-filling machine. At this point the bottles are filled automatically and caps are applied.
  • Bottles are then manually cased and placed into the milk cooler for storage.

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