Frozen Dessert Center

The Frozen Dessert Center at Babcock Hall was founded in fall of 2012. The FDC serves a variety of industries, providing expert frozen dessert consultation, small and large scale frozen dessert manufacturing, and analytical services, which include sensory and microstructure analyses. These components allow industries to benefit from a one of a kind frozen dessert research center.

After the research phase within our frozen dessert center, often the project will transfer to the dairy plant on a fee for service basis for a scaled up production run.

Our capabilities include the processing of frozen dessert mixes at minimum batch sizes of 50 gallons. Our freezing operation will include minimum batch sizes of 35 gallons of mix.  This mix is pumped through our continuous iWCB ice cream freezer. This freezer has a capacity of 60-145 gallons of mix per hour. We have the ability to adjust overrun, dasher speed, viscosity and other variables. We can also incorporate inclusions and variegates. We can package the product into a range of containers, from 5 ounce cups up to 3 gallon tubs.

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