University Creamery Managers Conference

UW-Madison’s Babcock Dairy will host the 2024 University Creamery Managers Conference. Check back for more information closer to the conference!

Why We Meet

University Dairy Plants across the country are all different and have varying resources, needs and customer bases. However, their mission statements all include an emphasis on production, education, and research. As part of a university, each of these dairy plants has unique challenges they face and they are constantly discovering new ways to succeed. In order to share experiences with each other and compare notes on how to do better, many dairy plant managers gather each year at the University Creamery Managers Conference.

In 2003, the University of Wisconsin hosted the first conference and around 15 managers from over 12 schools have convened annually since. During these conferences, dairy plant managers tour the hosting university’s campus, plant and store. For a few days, speakers share stories and mission statements as well as successful ways to overcome any struggles. There are many benefits to this conference but the one on one relationships among managers is by far the most valuable. These connections create a network across the country that will last for decades to come.

Who Attends