Leadership Course Ice Cream Makers

Evonne from the leadership course tells her story about working in the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant:

“Tony Stella, Abbie Krentz, Luella Simpson and myself, Evonne Chan, attended this leadership program/class where we were able to make our own ice cream mix. We met every week and Bill [Babcock Hall Dairy Plant manager] took us through the whole process. From, choosing the amount of sugar and type of stabilizer, to pasteurizing and homogenizing the mix, to finally putting the ice cream into tubs. We were able to fully experience what it was like to work at the dairy plant and understand the process of how ice cream is made. We learned about sanitation, food safety and of course the production of ice cream. We were given the chance to connect what we learned in class to what we we’re doing in the plant. Most of all, we were able to exercise our leadership and teamwork skills as we were not spoon fed answers, but rather asked to think critically about what we were doing. All in all, it was a great experience as we were able to learn from Bill about the technical aspect of making the product and learn more about the plant and the machines in there and all the hard work the workers in the plant put in everyday.”

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Students Take to the Plant

We had the pleasure of working in the plant with four UW-Madison Food Science students this fall! They helped create a Babcock Dairy ice cream flavor by developing a formula for the mix, working the assembly line in the plant, as well as conducting quality control and sensory analysis tests.

Our Purpose Today

Thanks to Dr. Babcock’s revolutionary developments in dairy science, Babcock Dairy, an inspected and licensed dairy plant, not only produces high-quality, delicious dairy foods, it principally serves as a world-class research and educational facility. We achieve our objective by:

Teaching: The Babcock Dairy Plant provides hands-on operational education, experience, and research to provide industry-leading concepts and methods for making ice cream, cheese, and pasteurized milk, equipping UW students, faculty and food industry professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that provide a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced food-science environment.

Research: Through the dairy plant’s partnership with UW–Madison’s renowned UW Department of Food Science and the Center for Dairy Research—one of the premier dairy research centers in the world, food science students, faculty, and industry professionals are able to create, conduct, and implement research to pioneer methods of producing and using dairy ingredients. This research leads to higher quality and innovative products, as well as valuable knowledge for the food and dairy industries.

Hands-on Experience: UW Food Science students and faculty learn through application with the experience they receive in the Babcock Dairy Plant. In addition, we provide international food processing industry researchers with the facilities and expertise required to create healthy, high-quality, cost-effective products.



What do we do?

The Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, built in 1950, is a 20,000 square foot building that produces ice cream, natural cheeses, and milk products everyday while also educating students in its classrooms and on the plant floor. The involvement of student workers is a huge part of the Dairy Plant’s culture.

The Babcock Hall Dairy Plant’s products are distributed to many food sites on campus including but not limited to dormitory cafeterias, the Athletic Department including the Kohl Center and Camp Randall Stadium, Memorial Union, Union South, the Babcock Hall Dairy Store itself, and UW Hospital.

The Babcock Hall Dairy Plant produces products and services that have been and always will be an important part of the University of Wisconsin experience and legacy.